Every woman dreams of looking like those slender models we have been used to seeing at fashion shows and in fashion magazines. Some of us are concerned about weight to such an extent that we start panicking as soon as we have noticed a couple of hundred grams added to our hips or waist and we are ready to do any kind of inhuman treatment just to get rid of the surplus in as little time as possible. Does it sound familiar?

Well, this is not really a tragedy. When weight is dealt with in due time, the human body quickly reacts to any kind of treatment that is meant to help regaining the previous body shape. As a matter of fact, the key to losing weight is ‘taking the bull by the horns’ as soon as it has given signs of fury – acting upon the extra grams instead of letting undesirable kilos accumulate and making our lives miserable.

Here is a natural remedy for the ‘not-so-desperate’ type of women who believe that by losing a bit of weight they will add extra ‘charm’ to their natural beauty. It is quite a lenient measure and it help removing those thin layers of fat that have settled down in certain areas of our body after us ‘partying’ with too much tasty, rich in fat food.

Mix one little spoonful of honey with one of vinegar (the type made from apples) in a cup or glass and add up to 250 ml. water. Stir till the honey has dissolved completely. Drink one such glass after each meal!

It is tasty enough and after a couple of days you will get used to it and will feel you really need it. One of the short term effects of this mixture is that it makes you feel ‘lighter’ after you have had your meal; as for the long term ones, just wait for a couple of weeks and you will be wondering how the fat on your belly has vanished without your noticing it.


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