Age spots are blemishes on the skin associated with aging and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Age spots on face are nasty, Though they normally aren’t dangerous it’s not less than a cosmetic issue which can negatively affect your self-esteem. But age spots don’t  be similar to red spots on skin and it is likely to be common on other areas as well – the hands, arms and shoulders most likely. To eliminate age spots you need to first be informed about what they’re and where they come from. You then need to think what can be the better method for you – depending also how much cash you’re willing to put on the treatment (there’s also cheap methods that might be worth of trying). In this article I’ll first let you know about the age spots and then about the ways to get rid of them but also how to prevent to get them again.

What are age spots?

Age spots as a term refers to the brown spots that show up on your skin. The terms brown spot, sun spot, liver spot, lentigo and senile/solar lentigine mean exactly the same. The spots vary from light brown to red or almost black in color. Formerly it was incorrectly considered that liver spots were because of liver problems. Age spots neither have anything to do with your age, though they’re more common with the elderly.

Where do the age spots on face come from?

Since the age spots is the results of the sun, the term sun spot is much more accurate and I will call them sun spots from here on. Your skin ages under the sun – the longer you’ve stayed under the sun the older your skin layer feels even when your physical age isn’t high at all. Sunshine damages the melanocytes (cells in the skin’s surface layer) that produce melanin pigment and transfer this pigment to other skin cells to help to protect us from the sun’s Ultra violet rays. Totally these melanocytes form only 5-10% of the cells in skin’s surface layer (epidermis).

Many people (just like me with Irish background) have little or no melanin pigment and their skin isn’t very affective to protect from the sun exposure and when the sun is shining down on them, your body doesn’t know how to respond properly. The effect can be abnormal melanin pigment that forms spots.

Removing age spots on face by medical treatments

Laser treatment is generally quite effective solution to remove sun spots but it’s definitely not the cheapest way. It may require several sessions to get rid of the spots completely, based on where they’re situated and just how many there are. The costs range between about $700 up to $5000. In cryosurgery the abnormal skin cells are destroyed and removed through freezing. Generally it’s very quick procedure with quite little negative effects. The freezing agent can be applied directly to your skin with a swab or sprayed on. The costs range between $300 up to $2000 however the quality of treatment is very much comparable to the price especially on the lower price levels.

Chemical peels involve a chemical solution applied to the surface of the skin. The type of the chemical solution and the method of application affects on the depth of the peeling. There is a little downtime after the treatment and also little negative effects as irritated skin. The costs are from $600 to $900. Microdermabrasion consists many different treatment which rejuvenate the very upper layers of the skin. These are, as an example, creams with abrasive particulates and utilizing crystals which are passed across the skin to sand the skin down. As a result your skin will usually feel smoother immediately after treatment with a diminished appearance of sun spots. The costs vary generally from $100 to $400

There is really a wide selection of topical products sold for sun spot treatment. Most involve a bleaching agent. When trying to treat individual spots, bleaching creams often bleach surrounding areas a lot more than the spots themselves. For me these creams aren’t effective as they should. All bleaching creams, Retin-As and alpha hydroxy acids cause you to be more sensitive to direct sunlight.


Age spots have nothing to do with your physical age, they come from the time you have been in the sun exposure. They are a skin cell malfunction caused by sun’s UV rays. To avoid these spots you have to protect yourself from the sun. There are several treatment methods to remove age spots on face but they are generally ineffective or expensive.