Internal hemorrhoids is not your typical piles where the swelling tissues are outside and is visible, instead, as it name suggest, the swollen tissues are in the lining of your rectum. Compared to external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids are less painful because it is inside and is not getting rubbed until going away on it’s own or hit by anything like your underwear or pants as in the case of external hemorrhoids. However, they can be very embarrassing for there might come a time when they will protrude out of your anus and leaking stool is common in these scenarios.

In order for you to avoid these cases, it is important to know the symptoms of having internal hemorrhoids. The symptoms are quite the same with external hemorrhoids except for several other symptoms.

Bleeding is the most common symptom for having internal hemorrhoids which can come in many forms. You might see the blood with the feces or you can see the blood on the tissue paper that you use after you defecate. Internal hemorrhoids can be itchy because it secretes mucus from the swollen tissues that can really be irritating. Another symptom of internal hemorrhoids is feeling the urge to have bowel movement.  This is because internal hemorrhoids are little budges in the lining of your rectum which make you feel you have something to let out but really, they are just the internal hemorrhoids. And lastly, pain is felt when you have internal hemorrhoids. Pain when you defecate and sometimes when you sit still for hours. But these pains are just mild, the only time that internal hemorrhoids can really be painful is when it protrudes out of your anus and they are exposed. In this case, you need medical attention as soon as possible.

Now, in connection to getting medical attention, these are just for sever cases. But if you want to cure your internal hemorrhoids as soon as you know you have it that would be great. In this case, there are a few ways on how to treat internal hemorrhoids.

The most efficient, cost effective and easiest way is to undergo suppository. This method will reduce the swelling and cure other symptoms making the piles heal. Another one is through rubber ligation. Rubber ligation is a surgical procedure where the blood flow to the hemorrhoids is cut so that they will wither and detached themselves from the linings of your rectum, getting rid of them for good; however this procedure is only used to piles that are medium in size.

There are more procedures that you can undergo to get rid of internal hemorrhoids. Most of them are expensive but they are sure-cure for those piles. But if you want to save on money, you can also go with natural remedies for hemorrhoids. But still, the best cure is to detect the disease early so that you can cure it immediately as well. If you do not know how to cure those piles, then better consult a doctor for proper treatment.