Homeopathy is a safe and inexpensive way to promote the body’s natural ability to heal. Each homeopathic remedy has specific documented effects upon the mind and body. The homeopathic medicines listed below are indicated for tooth or gum sensitivities, loose teeth, bleeding gums.

The remedies are listed by their latin name followed by their common name and the author of the official materia medica from which the information on their indicated uses was derived.

Calcarea Carbonica: (Boericke’s) (Carbonate of Lime) For relief of toothache and bleeding of gums.

Calcarea Fluorica: (Boericke’s ) (Fluoride of Lime) Relieves hard swelling on the cheek with pain or toothache and hard swelling on jawbone. Prevents loosening of teeth with or without pain. Relieves toothache with pain if any food touches the tooth.

Calcarea Phosphorica: (Boericke’s) (Phosphate of Lime) Prevents tooth decay.

Chamomilla: (Boericke’s) (German Chamomile) A great remedy for relieving stitches in jaw extending to inner ear and teeth. Relieves teeth aching after warm drink.

Coccinella Septempunctata: (Boericke’s) (Lady Bug) A specific remedy for pain in teeth, gums and mouth. Greatly relieves throbbing toothache.

Coffea Cruda: (Boericke’s) (Unroasted Coffee) A great remedy to relieve toothaches of rotten teeth.

Hekla Lava: (Boericke’s) (Lava from Mt. Hecla) Marked action on the jaws. Great use for gum abscess. Relieves facial neuralgia from carious teeth and after extraction. Relieves toothache with swelling about jaws.

Hypericum Perforatum: (Boericke’s) (St. John’s Wort) A great remedy for injuries to nerves. Excessive painfulness is a guiding symptom for its use. Relieves pain after operations. Relieves facial pain and toothache of a pulling, tearing character.

Kreosotum: (Boericke’s) (Beechwood Kreosote) Prevents very rapid decaying of teeth with spongy, bleeding gums. For teeth that are dark and crumbly.

Ledum Palustre: (Clarke’s) (Marsh-Tea) For relief of violent and tearing pains in the face with shooting pains in teeth.
Magnesia Phosphorica: (Boericke’s) (Phosphate of Magnesia) Relieves toothaches and ulceration of teeth with swelling of glands of face.

Mercurius Vivus: (Boericke’s) (Quicksilver) This is a powerful remedy for relief of spongy, receding gums that bleed easily. Relieves sore pain on touch and from chewing. For loose teeth that feel tender and elongated.